Relaxing Tailor-made Massage

On the basis of a brief chat at the beginning of our meeting, I prepare the correct massage for you – according to your wishes and needs. I combine several massage techniques, using them together, so that your relaxation here is a great experience for you.

  • 30 minutes – “Tasting” – nape, in the sitting position
    A combination of a classic massage in the sitting position with the Indian Head Massage, according to your wishes.
  • 60 minutes – “Back and Nape in Paradise”
    I focus fully on your head, nape and back. Using the Indian Head Massage, classic relaxing back massage, Hot Stone massage and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage I release the tensest and most overburdened muscles. Thanks to the Breuss’ Massage, I care for the nourishment of your intervertebral discs.
  • 90 minutes – “From Head to Toe”
    During this massage, apart from your head, nape, back and intervertebral discs, I also focus on your feet, indulging them in a relaxing bath and massage (feet and calves).

Do you want to know more about massage techniques I use? Then read my blog and my posts about Indian Head Massage, Classic Relaxation Massage, Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi, Hot Stone Massage and Breuss Massage.
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